love it * everyday minerals

if i could thank just one person in the beauty industry, i think it would have to be carina of everyday minerals fame…

(that’s her above) before everyday minerals, i really hated mineral makeup. i suffer from redness, which I always tried to cover and soothe at the same time- it never worked. i really couldn’t stand how some mineral brands made my face itch terribly and i later learned the culprit: the addition of bismuth chloride. on a whim i tried em and never looked back: their colors are so pretty, the coverage of the foundation/concealers is awesome, and everything is packaged soooo cute. i’ve worn it in the summer (where it was amazing at absorbing oil) and i’ve worn it in the winter (with the heavy use of moisturizer, of course. powder makeup can collect on dry areas if you’re not careful). carina has garnered far more press for em than when i started using them, but i will tell you- they’re the real deal. your face should never be uncomfortable when your wearing “natural” makeup, of all things. (pic at top: techno travel eye kit, isn’t the packaging cute? pic below: fair intensive base, and i also use intensive fair concealer. )

note: i actually use one other concealer on my face, mainly under my eyes. additional reviews to come!


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