the sound of arrows


childish gambino

love him on community and i can recommend  (with confidence!)  donald glover’s album “camp.”  i know its been out for a while now, but had to post anyway! happy friday!

120 sucks

about that whole 120 minutes thing- i hope it gets better. for a premiere episode i wasn’t impressed. i don’t think it’s matt pinfield’s fault, but they played like, eight videos, and none of them were new. i mean-das racist? really? i love them, but let’s face it, they’ve been around for a little while now. ditto for sleigh bells.

120 minutes is back

via pitchfork: revamped edition of “120 Minutes” will debut on July 30 at 1 eastern on MTV2. Matt Pinfield, one of the host’s of the show’s previous incarnation, is back in his old role again. On the debut episode, he sits down with Sleigh Bells, Das Racist, the Black Angels, and more.

here’s marilyn manson doing his best to unnerve the journalistic professionalism of the great matt pinfield.